Pioneer Memorial Church

I served as the webservant, maintaining and overseeing the web site for my church, Pioneer Memorial Church from 1998 to 2011. Check out the podcasts for sermons and children's stories!

Adventist Virtual Learning Network

It is the mission of AVLN to promote global online collaboration for life-long learning among Seventh-day Adventists and other faith-based organizations. I became involved in AVLN in the summer of 2000 and have served on the board since.

Praying through the 10/40 Window

When I taught 5th and 6th grade in Worthington, Ohio in '96-'97, I made a bulletin board where we prayed for a different country in the 10/40 window every week. The resources used to be online.

Student Missionary, Marshall Islands

Between my freshman and sophomore years in college, I served a year in the Marshall Islands as a student missionary. Here's a photo essay from that experience.

Missionary Kid Travels

When I was in grade 5, my parents went to Pakistan as missionaries. We served there for six years, three of which I spent in Singapore going to school. I got to visit a lot of countries and learn a lot besides!

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